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Issa said the new arrivals should be expeditiously deported. 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, compared to 16,546 children from Honduras, the origin of the greatest number of children apprehended.

But if economics is the main trigger, why aren’t kids also coming from Nicaragua, Central America's poorest country and one that has strong ties to the U. Nicaragua has extreme poverty, but it lacks what the White House and experts on the region have also attributed as a cause for the migration: high crime and violence.

I hope to shift perspectives regarding the United States and its citizenry, and challenge some of the common norms often attributed to the United States. Conor / Nica 64 / TEFL “The most obvious way to engage with the world through Peace Corps is to serve as a Volunteer.

What is something you have done in Nicaragua that you never thought you would do? It’s an opportunity to delve deeper into a foreign culture than you would be able to otherwise, even as a budget-conscious traveler, an international NGO worker or a foreign service officer.

For the couple, his victory also felt like déjà vu. Bush became the Republican candidate for president in 2000, Krump and her husband said they’d move to Canada if he won.

But they never made an escape plan, and when Bush won, they realized they had been kidding themselves.

Last year, the family went to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In Arizona, politics are focused more on the Mexican border and illegal immigration, and less on the black-white divide she grew up with on the East Coast, said Krump, who is African American.

It was a welcome break, Kristina Krump said, from US politics and bad news. Still, with so many shootings in recent years of young, black men by police officers, she fears her biracial sons, aged 7, 9 and 11, could one day be a target.

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Nicaragua is striking in its absence from the pool of child immigrants and from America’s national conversation about them.