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Progress-Capture Pulleys incorporate a cam which (when roped correctly) automatically captures the load whilst lifting/pulling a load or tensioning a line.

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"The amount of manly tears shed over various 30 for 30’s throughout the years has been nothing short of embarrassing," Smith said.

Teaming up with ESPN "is perhaps one of the favorite moments in my professional life.

Yes, Microsoft makes webcams that are Mac OS compatible.

When Windows 7/Vista was released, UVC compatibility was now built into Win OS making the myriad of vendor and model-specific webcam drivers a thing of the past.

HD webcams supporting 2MP and higher sensor resolutions perform well with the horsepower current computers in the Apple Macintosh line.

But be aware there are still some older Mac OSX video apps and web chat programs currently don't know how - or aren't programmed - to sense or support higher HD webcam resolutions and different 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratios.

The CMC MPD is the innovative multi-purpose device that allows the user to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware.

The CMC MPD is a UL Classified pulley, descent control device and belay device.

You also need a VERY FAST internet connection for smooth 720p HD webcam chat online.