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Alexandra hedison she dating

Representatives for Jodie Foster have confirmed the actress has married Alexandra Hedison – her girlfriend of over one year.

Ellen at one point was actually pleading with Jodie not to pull the trigger...

Ellen knows Jodie's current flame well and fears that she is headed for disaster as well as a huge financial hit if she marries Alexandra".

He starred in the 1958 horror classic She Dated Ellen After Anne Heche: Hedison's four-year relationship with De Generes began after Heche left the talk show host for Coley Laffoon, a cameraman on her comedy tour.

Hedison moved in with De Generes about a year into their romance (they met through friends).

American chat show host and comedian Ellen De Generes has reportedly warned Jodie Foster against tying knot with Alexandra Hedison.

De Generes and Hedison dated for over three years with their relationship ending in 2004.

D." actress Saffron Burrows, left, revealed in an interview with The Guardian that she eloped with her longtime girlfriend, "Ellen De Generes Show" writer Alison Balian, in August 2014.