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And sometimes that means supplementing daily meals with additional vitamins and other nutrients.

We have answers: Expiration dates for Nutrilite™ supplements are set by our scientists, who must consider the conditions in which a product might be stored — both before and after it has been opened.

The goal is to determine the length of time that a product will retain its optimum potency, consistency, and overall quality.

Nutrilite™ products are distributed worldwide — into climates ranging from hot and humid (think Mississippi summers) to extreme cold (think Alaska in winter). Our scientists conduct rigorous tests for each product.

Key ingredients are identified, and then tested and monitored over time to discover how they behave in diverse conditions and packaging scenarios.

As IBOs develop into established leaders, they play an increasingly important role in mentoring, teaching and training other IBOs about the Amway business.

Amway recognizes the value of the contributions that IBOs who have achieved business goals can make to the development of other IBOs whom they sponsor and support under the Rules.

IBOs own and operate their own Independent Businesses (“IBs”).

The Rules have been carefully developed in consultation with the IBOAI Board, and have been implemented following notice to IBOs and review of their comments.

Stability of the product is key to setting expiration dates both for unopened and opened packages.“When we talk about stability, we are primarily talking about the stability of the key ingredient,” says Mark Proefke, manager of analytical sciences for Amway. So a product considered a “dietary supplement” in the U. might be regulated as a “food” in Canada — and vice versa.

These varied classifications can also affect product testing, and expiration dates.

For Nutrilite™ supplements, which contain plant-based ingredients, phytochemical fingerprinting is used to separate ingredients.