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Central image is the earliest available Landsat image for this area, dating from 1984.

Projects of the foundation include development of the private trail system on the H. Wallace Reserve and Mount Dewey in Green Mountain Falls, CO.

With the support of the Green Mountain Falls Trails Committee, the trails on the Reserve have been linked to the Town and County’s public trail system.

Notes: The image shows the Northeastern boundary of South Nandi Forest Reserve, in the Rift Valley in Kenya.

The top image is from the Directorate of Overseas Surveys archive, hand orthorectified using ground control points, and dating from 1948.

Bottom image source is contemporary ESRI World Imagery (2016).

The principals of Songy Highroads have managed office buildings, office flex, retail, commercial and hotel assets in the Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Washington, DC markets.

The Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation (HGMFF), a subsidiary of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund, is committed to the enhancement and preservation of the unique qualities of Green Mountain Falls and Chipita Park, Colorado.