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Benefits consolidating systems

In fact, at GRU, we decreased the cost of administration from a combined total of $33.4-million to $32.4-million, a nearly 3-percent reduction in just the first weeks of our existence.

It’s almost breath-taking that this is the reality for many companies. You built a checklist so that you won’t forget to complete a specific section of your task.

But now that you’ve completed the task, updates need to be made in another system (such as a productivity app or tool).

Imagine needing to only work in a minimum of two systems.

One as your primary that holds all of your processes, tasks, entries, etc., and one as your secondary.

From here, this information can be separated into historical data and alarm notifications.

For the purposes of this article, we will be exploring the management of historical data specifically: network connectivity, transfer methodologies and data normalization.

Earlier this year, Moody's Investors Service released its annual assessment of higher education in the United States, a report that viewed the sector's short-term outlook as largely negative amid growing economic pressures.

The analysts, however, applauded the efforts of a few states that were trying to merge or consolidate campuses because such efforts "foster operating efficiences and reduce costs amid declining state support." Consolidation in higher education is representative of a broader trend across many industries: consolidating two or more entities into one or merging one into another, to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs amid shrinking budgets in a weakened economy. While some students prefer smaller colleges, it is much more costly to ensure quality administrative capital infrastructure at smaller colleges than at a larger university.

Additionally, traffic from the building and electrical power management systems must be isolated from the rest of the network containing IP traffic for various web sites and email.

This isolation can prevent facility management systems from accessing the Internet for sharing data or services.

A recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal1 decried hospital mergers, citing concerns that consolidation results in higher prices and less choice for patients.

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