Start Blake lively who is she dating 2016

Blake lively who is she dating 2016

“I don’t know where she’s found them and she’s like sticking them in our dog’s ear.

She’s probably living in Europe, doing something fabulous.

She hasn’t been in touch.” If Lively got on Snapchat, though, she would know that Serena is splitting time between Mykonos and London.

She is a big fan of Barack Obama and is very vocal about her support towards him.

She is an avid cook and chef, and describes herself as a “foodie”.

Whenever she travels she likes to take cooking classes so that she can immerse her self with the local food. She was fortunate enough to actually get a chance to cook with her which she absolutely loved. She considers people who are a part of the Republican party to be like “drug addicts” who need help.

She even made a pro Obama video suggesting that she would be willing to pick up any John Mc Cain supporters to talk sense into them.

Chatting with Meyers about her second pregnancy and the difficulties of parenting while pregnant, the soon-to-be mom of two vented her frustration over moms on Instagram who make things look so easy.