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Most categories of fraudulent card use dropped, except for transactions over the phone, internet or by mail.

The guide warns that around year nine, when children start to assert their independence, “attentive parenting can mutate into undue pressure”.

3 Summer university credit programs abroad with Queen’s university.

Our core product has traditionally been our International Summers program for Canadian high school students with 28 experiential education summer programs in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

It’s a fairly well understood product here in Canada but we’re seeing more interest from international students.

The appeal is partially the opportunity to earn a credit, but it’s more about the possibility of doing a Canadian high school credit programme with Canadian students – outside of Canada!

The PIE: And does Blyth Education do the programming?

CH: Yes, we do it all, we hire and recruit teachers and these are Canadian high school teachers that are located and teach in high schools across the country.

Sandra Quinn of Apacs hailed the impact of chip-and-pin, which has been rolled out to most of the UK retailing and banking industries since October 2003: "Seeing card fraud losses come down is cast-iron proof that chip-and-pin is doing its job.