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Conjoined twins and dating

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The second theory is fusion, in which a fertilized egg completely separates, but stem cells (which search for similar cells) find like-stem cells on the other twin and fuse the twins together.

Conjoined twins share a single common chorion, placenta, and amniotic sac, although these characteristics are not exclusive to conjoined twins as there are some monozygotic but non-conjoined twins that also share these structures in utero. Barnum's circus for many years and were billed as the Siamese Twins.

Surgery to separate conjoined twins may range from relatively simple to extremely complex, depending on the point of attachment and the internal parts that are shared.

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But as they've grown older, health problems are emerging and the girls' future could be in jeopardy.

Each of the girls has a separate heart, a set of arms, a set of lungs and a stomach.

The most famous pair of conjoined twins was Chang and Eng Bunker (Thai: อิน-จัน, In-Chan) (1811–1874), Thai brothers born in Siam, now Thailand. Chang and Eng were joined by a band of flesh, cartilage, and their fused livers at the torso.