Start Dating a professional poker player

Dating a professional poker player

Oh yeah, especially in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

Kurganov's first tournament was the 2010 Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure where he finished 119th cashing for $20,000.

In April 2012, he won the EPT High Roller in Monte Carlo for $1,425,874.

If you’ve got a fancy, expensive ring, players will see you as more of a LAG.

Like all tells, meaning is not universal and the player must be observed closely for their specific tendencies.

I reached the final table and Todd couldn’t be there, so he told Jennifer, “Go watch this kid and make sure he doesn’t steal the money from us! Chip Reese [three-time WSOP event winner] said something like: “When we talk about the greatest players, don’t compare A games versus A games.

Compare F games to A games, because there’s people who can play great when they play great, but if they play really badly when they play badly and they don’t have the discipline, then they can’t be the best player in the world.” It taught me that when you’re at your best, it’s important to play good, but when you’re at your worst, how do you handle that kind of pressure? Poker’s not a game of niceties, Sometimes, in those moments, there’ll be something as simple as a gesture, or a head shake, or a look that says, “I’m sorry about your luck”.

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