Start Dating and marriage in switzerland

Dating and marriage in switzerland

In principle, the same processes apply for same-sex and heterosexual divorce, for the dissolution of a marriage or a civil partnership.

A romantic getaway, Switzerland is the land of exotic nature.

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Conditions for divorce in Switzerland If both spouses file for divorce together, the process is fairly simple.

The two must write a letter to the court stating they both want a divorce. Most courts require an agreement on how to deal with any issues arising (typically joint property and custody of children). If one spouse files for divorce without the agreement of the other, then divorce can only take place after two years of separation (physically living at different addresses).

It's area is a little more than 41 000 square kilometers. The accuracy of Swiss watches, unforgettable taste of Swiss cheese, the reliability of a Swiss bank, Swiss prestige of education, the beauty of the Swiss Alps...

The country borders with France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. But the most amazing is the diversity of cultures that give this country a unique charm.

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