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We’ve seen a massive number of people sign up who have effectively split up with their partner but can’t sell their homes, so can’t split up and can’t get a divorce. We've had a good number of occasions where both husband and wife sign up to the website – that’s become much more of a saddening trend now.

So you will also find here many reviews written by daters for daters.

But we don’t want or expect you to just take our word for it.

However we are only human and occasionally do makes mistakes.

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Men are granted access only if they are recommended and invited by a female member of the site; they can be recommended through Facebook or via email.

The theory is that the recommendation system will create a pool of men whom women actually want to date; it will also offer feedback such as trending profiles and the styles of profile photo that yield the most “hits”.

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A new generation of dating apps suggests that the criteria and tactics employed so far have been simplistic and unlikely to yield long-term love — so their modus operandi is to take a more discerning tack.

Wyldfire, a dating app that launches in the UK next month, intends to bar creeps from entering the community altogether, and it hands the keys of this brave new world to the women.

We also offer our own critique of the best places to find love online, and sort out the good from the bad dating sites.