Start Eventhandler itemupdating

Eventhandler itemupdating

The obvious difference is, the synchronous event is raised before committing the changes so that we have the opportunity to cancel whatever the the operation but not in the asynchronous event as that is raised after successfully committing the changes requested. Update()This will bind the event handler to the list using the default binding depending on the type of the event, for example, if it is Item Adding, binding is synchronous and Item Added the binding is asynchronous.

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Using the synchronous handler guaranteed that the values would be set.

I ran into the following issues with Item Adding/Item Added event handlers: When I did this, however, my experience was exactly the opposite.

list Item[“Skills”] = “Some skill”;list Item[“Disclipline”] = “some discipline”;// write the update but do not trigger eventsthis. Renaming ‘skills’ to skilltype’ left the internal name as ‘skills’.