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The claim that a single fart burns approximately 67 calories has been floating around the internet since at least 2009, when an Internet troll responded to a question on Cha Cha thusly: How many calories does farting burn?

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Some people believe you can burn up to 67 calories by releasing gas.

It should be noted that similar inquiries posed via Cha Cha also prompted answers of less than one calorie, not very many calories, and no calories.

But according to a post on the web site Fat Loss School, the number is much lower than 67: Some people get a bit desperate when it comes to weight loss.

They start wondering which of their daily activities burns enough calories to warrant increasing the frequency.

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So how many calories do you burn during a single fart?

Unsurprisingly, we weren’t able to uncover much scientific research on the subject.

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