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Ask anyone you know to get them for you for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, heck, even Halloween. You will be surprised how soon you’ll have the full set, and someday you will be climbing and you’ll look down and see those beautiful Black Diamond Cams and feel supremely confident that you can climb any crack when you have a rack of the best cams ever made!

[Home] [Climbing] [Search & Rescue] [Big Wall Harness] [Wall Racks] [Wall Ropes] [Etriers & Daisys] [Ice Climbing] [Sport Climbing] [Ropes Course & Gym] [Hardware] [Slings] [Screamers] [Price List] [Yates Products] [Adventure Race] [Photo Gallery] [Harness Testing]* 14mm Dyneema® webbing with a 3" loop sewn at each end. 10' & 10' Runners can be used as equaliaing anchors. Our weave pattern has been shown to be superior in abrasion and snagging tests.

We have developed an exclusive weave pattern for our 11mm and 14mm Dyneema webbing that maximizes the benefits of both fibers.

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Flat webbing is more resistant to abrasion cutting than 1" tubular webbing. Middle: 14mm Dyneema® Webbing, Right: 11mm Dyneema® Webbing Yates Sewn Slings are offered in thre types of webbing designed for various applications 11/16" Nylon and 14mm Dyneema.

End to end Strength: 5500lbs(24.5k N) Left: 11/16 Nylon Webbing.

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The down side of Dyneema is that it melts at a much lower temperature than Nylon.

The bonus of Dyneema fiber is that it is stronger, lighter and absorbs less water compared to Nylon.

Economical pricing makes this a good choice for entry level climbers and all around use. 14mm Dyneema Webbing: "Dyneema" webbing consists of a blend of Dyneema and Nylon fibers woven together to form a webbing that has superior properties.