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In recent years, however, archaeologists studying the extinction of Neanderthals and the arrival of modern humans in Europe have realized that many of the samples used to obtain such dates are contaminated with modern carbon, resulting in dates that are thousands of years too young.

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Clive Finlayson, an anthropologist at the Gibraltar Museum, and his colleagues studied Neandertal artifacts in Gibraltar's Gorham Cave.

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The archaic humans known as Homo neanderthalensis lived throughout Europe more than 50,000 years ago in the Middle Palaeolithic Age, before going extinct around the time when modern humans reached Europe from Africa.

Many archaeologists propose that the last Neanderthals lived in the Iberian Peninsula: for instance, Gorham’s Cave in Gibraltar contains Neanderthal artifacts, and charcoal from fires there has been carbon-dated to less than 30,000 years ago.

Previous efforts put the remains as young as 36,000 years old.