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How to be unpredictable in dating

When he begins to act obnoxious and call me names, I begin to cry, and he tells me that I am being too sensitive.

That will make you unpredictable in just the right way.

It’s probably just one reason you are attracted to her.

It’s quite normal for a woman her age to be here one minute and there the next.

Younger women especially in their twenties may not be completely assured of who they are and what they want out of life.

You have to understand that, recognize it, and NEVER ever try to change that about her. Instead of trying to NOT be there first understand this…

I have many times…and when it happens it’s driving me up the wall in sheer boredom! Because millions of men do this to a high degree when they meet women, when they approach them, when they go on a date with them, when they try to “get it on’ with them… If a girl sits opposite you and she can anticipate everything you say, do or point out…it will kill any attraction faster than you can say “how was your journey? And how unpredictable is the “right” level to attract women?

In other words: because they’re a bit nervous, and because they want the girl to like them…they think by doing exactly what any other guy would do or say in that situation they’ve got the best chance of getting through it without any major disasters. Here are three tips any man can use to be less predictable and boring in a way that attracts women: Just by NOT doing the compliant appropriate thing in all situations you’re going to surprise her.

If you try to NOT be there for her this does not mean she will instantly see you as an indifferent challenge. “But John as a “sticking point” that he always seems to run into when he takes younger women out on dates: he has a hard time Closing the Deal. She may love the freedom and having minimal responsibilities. Women used to drive me nuts all the time but when I stopped myself from “needing” something from them, they stopped driving me crazy.

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