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Indiana evans rhys wakefield dating

Her agents told her that she had won the part and Evans said "I had been watching Home and Away for quite a while, so joining the cast was quite weird.

Indiana avoids processed and fast food and eats a lot of vegetables and fruits.

She isn’t a fan of food supplements, so she doesn’t consume any.

On this day, Evans usually goes climbing with her friends or does tempo running with 20% of her capabilities.

During his prime time on Home And Away in the mid 2000's, Mark played one of the bad-boys-turned-good Eric 'Ric' Dalby, who charmed the girls of the bay with his classic spiky hairstyle and baby blue eyes.

Evans had an interest in performing since the age of five, when she would perform for family and friends.

At the age of seven, Evans' parents enrolled her into dance lessons, which started with ballet and then evolved to jazz and tap.

She started modelling in the first year and attended castings for TV commercials.] ] In 2001, she got her first role running in an Asguard commercial.

Before working on "Home and Away", Indiana Evans had started high school at Newtown School for Performing Arts, but left after two weeks to focus on her acting career.|pages=13|quote=Reports that Indiana Evans was forced out of Home And Away when producers refused to renew her contract are false, says the actress. They asked me back, which they tend to do with most characters.

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Naturally, each actor also adds input to the character, performance and the storyline." During the storyline, Beth Hunter (Clarissa House) was seen calling the Eating Disorders Foundation of Victoria's helpline and following this the foundation received many calls from young people who had watched the show.