Start Invalidating a stale session

Invalidating a stale session

Zope’s session management makes use of name-spaces like cookies, HTTP form elements, and/or parts of URLs “in the background” to keep track of user sessions.

In a previous Web Logic Server release, a change was introduced to the Session ID format that caused some load balancers to lose the ability to retain session stickiness.

A server startup flag, -Dweblogic.Extended Session Format=true, retains the information that the load-balancing application needs for session stickiness.

Session data is valid for the duration of a configurable inactivity timeout value or browser shut-down, which ever comes first.

Zope’s session management keeps track of anonymous users as well as those who have Zope login accounts. Data maintained by Zope’s session management is no more secure than HTTP itself.

In other words, servlets have built in session tracking.[2] [2] Yes, we do feel a little like the third grade teacher who taught you all the steps of long division, only to reveal later how you could use a calculator to do the same thing.

But we believe, as your teacher probably did, that you better understand the concepts after first learning the traditional approach.

Tomcat bio connector used, tomcat 7.0.42, spring-security 3.1.3 I have find out that problem occures only when STREAMING transport used. Also I have find out, that problem in Security Context Impl instance which contains corrupt authenticator for atmosphere's thread.