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The Talas-Fergana Fault, the largest strike-slip structure in Centred.

A series of events that coincide with the history of the region in the 17th century, primarily the interaction of the Turki-speaking people from the mountains to the south of the Dasht-i Qipchaq and the Oirat Mongols from the bordering area of Jungaria) is a traditional epic poem dating to the 18th century but claimed by the Kyrgyz people to be much older.

This opens the possibility of Manas having spoken a dialect of Turki similar to that of the Kazakhs and Nogay people today.

Hundreds of people were killed in bloody ethnic clashes that swept through the southern Kyrgyzstan cities of Osh and Jalalabad in June, with entire Uzbek neighbourhoods across the city burned to the ground.

In the run up to next month's parliamentary election, ethnic Kyrgyz politicians have been extending their nationalist and inflammatory rhetoric to encompass the country's other minorities, which include Russians, Turks, Tatars, Tajiks, Kazakhs, and even a few Germans and Koreans.

[2] “The end of oral epics in Central Asia has been prophesied since the nineteenth century...

Nevertheless, we can observe a surprising vitality of oral performance and oral traditions among the Kyrgyz.” Manas still plays "an important role in Kyrgyz cultural identity".

Following this decision, Kyrgyzstan’s Supreme Court reviewed the case.