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Ludington michigan dating

Philanthropic giving also funds the research, education and innovation initiatives at the Hospice of Michigan Institute.

Because we welcome those who are uninsured, or whose treatment is more expensive than what other hospices can provide, we depend on the financial support of our donors for the treatments, medications, services, grief support, and spiritual care of patients and families in need.

The Hospice of Michigan Foundation generates financial support to ensure that every person who seeks our care is able to receive it.

Our downtown pavilion is a gathering place for community events and entertainment, a twice weekly farmers market and a vast array of events and activities.

With 15 golf courses and 17 lodging facilities, which include world-class resorts and championship golf designed by some of America's top golf course designers, the Gaylord area is your dream golf destination.

The Antrim County Courthouse was designed in 1879, but construction did not begin until 1904.

A new facility was constructed in 1977/78, and this building was vacant until restoration in 1990–92.

It was built to ward mariners off a reef that extends 1.5 miles (2.4 km) lakeward from Sturgeon Point.