Start Mandating direct deposit in arizona

Mandating direct deposit in arizona

The DOL construes the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as precluding employers from pooling tips among occupations that do not customarily and regularly participate in tip pooling, including dishwashers, chefs or cooks.

This requirement is intended to make our payroll process more efficient for both employees and Vanderbilt. You have immediate access to your money on payday without having to pick up a paycheck, deposit it, and possibly wait for the check to clear your bank.

You may enroll to have your paycheck directly deposited to your financial institution through UAccess Employee (Note: Net ID is required to access Direct Deposit information in UAccess Employee).

With direct deposit, your paycheck funds will deposit directly into your account and be available to you when your financial institution opens for business on the payment date.

A notary is available in the Financial Services Office to witness and notarize the form.

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