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Mcgill thompson house speed dating

Unfortunately we were away at the time, so missed meeting the great man when he called at the Manse. Note incidentally the lovely, tapering spire of the Church of Ireland church in the background of this picture below...doubtless one of those "lean, pretentious, sham-Gothic ecclesiastical edifices" so severely criticized by W. Currently the old house is unoccupied, sadly, as there is presently no minister's family in residence.

I trained as an actor at LAMDA and pursued an acting career for about four and a half years after that.

February 1, Rosthern SK Presented by Station Arts Centre in Station Arts Centre.

February 3, Estevan SK Presented by Estevan Arts Council in St. February 5, Minnedosa MB Presented by Minnedosa Performing Arts Committee in United Church.

February 7, Carman MB Presented by Golden Prairie Arts Council in Carman Collegiate Theatre.

February 8, Brandon MB Presented by Pro Series in Lorne Watson Recital Hall, Brandon University.

It’s about trying to create that cinematic language. To be honest, I was probably a little too opinionated to continue being an actor.

When we don’t have all the resources, we have to try to capture the essence and package that up in an audience-friendly, cinematic way. I’m confident that I’m a much better director than actor.

Friday, February 8, 2013, pm, Lorne Watson Recital Hall, Brandon University School of Music – Couloir on the Brandon University Pro Series concerts.