Start Mike leach gives dating advice

Mike leach gives dating advice

including the secrets to dating -- so listen up, 'cause Coach is about to drop some serious relationship knowledge. Ditka Dating Rule #1 -- Don't give your girlfriend too much money ...

Previously, he was head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team, leading the Red Raiders to winning seasons in every year of his tenure.

He graduated from Cody High School before studying at Brigham Young University (BYU), where he closely followed the exploits of the BYU Cougars football team.

My roommate’s last relationship was a proper tragedy: there was jealousy, intrigue, even flying crockery; and the breakup was, to all accounts, worthy of a Hollywood romance.

In proper fashion, she spent a solid three months sobbing on the sofa, mourning her lost relationship, and asking — repeatedly — the same question we all seem to feel needs answered: What went wrong? “I read every book you could possible imagine, studied the experts,” Mike explained.

He knows the stats on everything, from pictures to get the most hits to how many dates to give a guy before giving up.

Mike has perfected his statistically proven methods over 10 years, crafting a coaching process that works for women everywhere.

When EZ Dating Coach Mike Goldstein’s five-year relationship saw its demise, he, too, asked that infamous question. “I became very knowledgeable about dating and relationships.” It wasn’t long before Mike was the go-to resource for his friends, and he started helping them find relationships. ” With such undeniable results, his friends suggested he should turn his hard-won wisdom into a career.

Mike became the EZ Dating Coach and was soon a leading expert on online dating.

He leaves you asking one question after most of his press conferences. " Be it giving dating advice, using coffee as an insecticide, discussin pirate lore, giving a weather forecast or just going off on a tangent, Leach never says anything that typifies a football coach.

His players admit that they have trouble following his locker room antics, but that they just embrace it and go out and play.

But with pirates, it didn't matter if you were black, white, rich or poor. If the captain did a bad job, you could just overthrow him.