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Those in her inner circle believed she was genuinely superior to every other person on earth.

Most in the market for romance have a List, a set of ideal traits they’d like to find in a mate.

For some, the List is broad and generic — perhaps it includes “sense of humor,” “intelligence,” or “good looks.” For others, the List is much more specific.

I could sit here and dismantle everything Ayn Rand ever said, but it couldbe a pretty boring circle jerk for those of us who don’t buy it, and adherents would just put on their ear muffs. The not very pressing question of whether Objectivism is an accurate description of/prescription for the world isn’t that interesting.

The question of how Objectivism works is interesting. There are some resemblances to a cult that are documented elsewhere.

Rothbard about the cult-like structure of her organization, with its secret knowledge, restrictions on behavior and purges. So I’m going to get into how Objectivism draws in followers with cult-like mechanisms. The reason they don’t understand some stuff is because that stuff is unimportant or wrong.

It targets a certain type of person who thinks a certain type of way and tells them that they are awesome. Like many such movements, Objectivism gives followers permission to indulge in their worst impulses.

I also wonder what the questioner does for a living, whether it is visible to women, and whether he has ever encountered women in his field or similar fields who are likewise highly competent professionals.