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Over sixty swingers site

We are in our 60s and would love to meet other couples our age or close to it. Hi Tropic - we are in our late 50's and would like to keep partying for at least another decade. While our kids are all grown and we are allegedly "empty nesters" we volunteered to help our daughter and her husband by babysitting our granddaughter while they were working.

I love my family but I'm dying to see what a cock feels like in my mouth. I'm always beating off to dick pics; anyone with the same interests holla back at me & we'll talk & share pics, if nothing else. I am a 26 yr old woman whom is very interested in bringing a hot young girl into my sex life with my committed boyfriend for a threesome.

While we're late to the party (LS), it has been a great adventure..our age does influence the pool of likely playmates. We have had outstanding fun with others from (much) younger, and older than us. You/we are apparently on the upper end of the swinging age curve.

We just prefer that they have enthusiasm, and be somewhat HWP. In the last 3-5 years, in spite of remaining open, friendly, fit, hwp and reasonably attractive(we think), our contacts on this and another site have dropped off markedly.

Lastly there is a matter of geography - you are lucky in that you live in the epicenter of the Lifestyle with the Trap, Haulover and the other clubs fairly close by.