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Planet rock online dating

Join him on Planet Rock from Monday - Friday from 2-6pm!

Footage claiming to show a mysterious 'planet' next to a blood red moon over Pennsylvania, has emerged on the internet (pictured).

Conspiracy theoriests claim the planet is on a collision course with Earth, but skeptical viewers might conclude it is probably lens flare Blood moons are caused by sunlight passing over the Earth's atmosphere which is refracted in such a way that green to violet light is scattered more strongly than red light, leaving the red light to reach the moon's surface.

’ has been produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead’s midwife) and if the first song to be streamed is anything to go by: ‘Smell The Roses’, which is reminiscent of ‘Have A Cigar’ and the funky section of ‘Echoes’, it will be worth the wait.

He toured again in 2002, this time playing elsewhere, including that years Glastonbury Festival which was a damp and cold affair.

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Originally released in 1986 this is actually a collection of 12” singles and songs dating back as far as 1982, the year that the absolute, stone classic, “Planet Rock” 12” was released.

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New research has shown that couples who meet through online dating are 25% less likely to separate than couples who meet through more traditional means.

And yes, like the amp in the spoof rockumentary , the volume knob goes from one to 11.

Sound quality is as good as it gets from a small, mono radio -- fine for the average kitchen or bedroom.

Full marks to the bloke who decanted the contents of his bladder near me in the crowd where a circle appeared in order to steer clear of his makeshift toilet!