Start Radio 1 dj dating ellie goulding

Radio 1 dj dating ellie goulding

But this post has nothing to do with the musicians, the on-site camping suites, or the new “features” that concert producers are touting — like mass family style four-course seated dinners in a field that sounds like someone confused Tanglewood with Skrillex fans ( All you need to do is look at the FOMO (fear of missing out) drool in “Neon Carnival’s” instagram comments from last year, with hopefuls asking “Are you doing this again the second weekend? If you’re coming on weekend two looking for parties, it is going to be the Magician or Bearhands fan club meetups on site.

To be fair, Sonos, Bootsy Bellows, Mc Donalds, are also hosting, and they are more lifestyle brands than fashion, but they aren’t the massive tentpole events.

It could also be the invite for a slew of events drafting off of the festival from Palm Springs to Thermal over the two weekends.

(For the record, Coachella organizers would probably like me to remind you that there are no official Coachella parties.

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