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Of the 200 children in North Carolina’s juvenile facilities, only one child does not have a mental health diagnosis.

The café has become a fun way of visiting with friends and making new ones. a Sufi Muslim oral tradition that was westernized and taught in America by such people as Richard Rohr and Helen Palmer. We practice laying hands on people to pray for the enhanced presence of God to bring love, healing and peace to those experiencing hardships, personal hurts or wounds, discouragement, or to those who want to be touched by God.

Adult Education Classes We offer a variety of short-term classes throughout the year. originally created by former pastor Paul Smith for Broadway Church, has been taken by thousands of individuals, groups, and churches around the world. The tool allows us to find the gifts of our personality type, discover our defense mechanisms, and move toward healing and wholeness.

The classes are generally held on Sundays after Chit-Chat Café. The workshop facilitates participants in exploring and identifying their God-given Spiritual Gifts to free and enable participants to live out their spiritual journey and to enhance the life of the community.

Chit-Chat Café started as a fundraiser for kitchen renovation with one of our members making and selling sandwiches for those attending Adult Education classes after the service.