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Richard wisker dani harmer dating

With dreams of becoming the lady of the manor, Dani arrives at her new home full of ideas and optimism.

Michael "Mike" Milligan MBE, made his first appearance on 8 January 2002 in series 1 of The Story of Tracy Beaker during the episode Tracy Returns to The Dumping Ground and departed in The End! Mike returned in series 5 during the episode Caring and Sharing as a temporary care worker.

He became head care worker in Operation Careworker.

Whilst trying to deal with these problems they soon realize the castle is haunted by 2 18th century ghosts; Gabe (Niall Wright) and Esme (Jordan Brown) 28 November 2013Dani, Kait, Esme, Gabe, Jimmy, and Rich decided to do a competition between the boys and the girls to see who is better.