Start Rowupdating event in c

Rowupdating event in c

To cancel the update operation, set the collections, if necessary, before the values are passed to the data source.

For example, an order-entry application that uses an IDENTITY column for the order ID might need to provide an order-confirmation number to the customer immediately.

In such a case, you need a way to retrieve the value of the IDENTITY column and display it in your application. NET lets you retrieve and display this value in a couple of ways.

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before that i want just using Find control and casting and then retrieving all lot code. If values are same they could notify user to change the value(give new cell value).

You can use an output parameter of a stored procedure that performs the insert action, or you can use the Sql Data Adapter object's Row Updated method.

The simplest way to get the value of an IDENTITY column is to set up the identity value as an output parameter of a stored procedure and use the Sql Data Adapter to map that value back to the column in the Data Set.

When you add a row to a table, the application you're using doesn't need to know anything about the row's unique identity number; SQL Server just handles that part automatically.