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Sean avery dating

Willow Winters is always cleaning up after her boyfriend, but at least he bangs her.

Willow’s sick of it, so when he walks in while she’s swabbing the kitchen floor, she gives him an earful.

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DALLAS -- Of all the cajoling, snide remarks and other stunts Sean Avery pulled on the way to becoming the biggest pest in hockey, never had he gone so far that the NHL believed it had to suspend him -- until Tuesday.

After breaking up, Avery found himself in trouble in 2008 when he made disparaging comments to reporters about Cuthbert and current boyfriend Dion Phaneuf in the locker room before a game.

The video shows his fight in the middle of the NYC Street.

Well, the police were not on the spot and when asked to Sean about the video he did not comment on that.