Start Six figure salary dating

Six figure salary dating

With so much going in her life and everything she has accomplished, her net worth has been rising day by day.

The post mentioned parents who made $130,000, but who had saved just $8,000 for college so their twins were going to have to pick up the rest of the cost. The youngsters today expect everything and cry if they don’t get it.

Here is that post: I don’t know how much Dan makes, but he believes his kids — he’s got seven!! I expect my children to pay for their own college just like I did.

While the highest earners - brokers, chief executives and senior officials - can expect to take home six figure salaries, the average wage in the UK was found to be £27,271.

Meanwhile, those at the lowest end of the scale - cleaners, waiters and bar staff - all earn less than £8,000 a year on average.

Business and financial project management professionals 15.

Senior professionals of educational establishments13. Senior officers in fire, ambulance, prison and related services 14.

She definitely makes more money than anyone I know. She also lived alone and had her own place."This year, with teaching, I’m probably going to make around $28,000.