Start Ski dating

Ski dating

Having a common interest is often seen as one of the keys to a successful long term relationship.

With all the things to do in Whistler, we have a different approach to dating: The Ski Date.

Now your après-ski routine can involve a cocktail and a hookup, because chair lift speed dating is a thing.

The idea is to get on a 10 minute chair lift with a stranger to see if there's a love (or sexual) connection on the slopes.

A group of Outdoor Duo Members went skiing in January 2014 and we hope a number of groups will go in 2015.

As we don't have much snow in the UK at the moment(!

Ski Pals gives you the opportunity to team up with skiers just like you and take advantage of those ski deals that benefit pairs and groups - but usually leave those who enjoy single skiing right out in the cold.

Take two friends, put them in a familiar place, and add an inordinate amount of alcohol. Related: Tele-Skiers | The New Dating Website For Free Heelers That said, the old equation has a litany of undesired consequences.

) you can start to plan for a ski trip in 2015 by searching out other singles who have an interest in ski-ing, and then plan together to go ski-ing as a group in 2015.