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Smoking dating sites

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Many people are put off by the smell or taste of cigarettes, cigars or pipes, but if that doesn't bother you and you'd like to meet someone that shares your enjoyment of smoking, then this site exists especially for you!

You've been banned from bars, cast out from restaurants, forced to lie on online dating sites - these days it seems as though the "No Smoking" signs are everywhere, including your love life. Yes, smoking is bad for your health and most of us smokers are trying to kick the habit but we don't wish to be ostracized in the meantime and want to be accepted for who we are, now!

Join a smoking date site and feel at home and welcome! Well, smokers, welcome to your safe haven, Smoking, gives you reviews on 2 specific online dating site for smokers and smoker-friendly singles. Dating for Smokers (Datingfor is an online dating, relationship, singles & personals service just for smokers. When you need a moment to relax, it’s time to pull out a cigarette.

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