Start Speed dating aberdeen 2016

Speed dating aberdeen 2016

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It is a venue known for its great crowd, cool atmosphere and essential weekend vibe.

The absence of a large dance floor means the grown-up, well-heeled crowd grooves rather than moves to diverse dance music.

Conveniently housed above The College bar, Babylon is upmarket without being pretentious.

The dark purple décor and granite stonework have a gothic feel which fits perfectly with the history of the building, as it was once an old monk’s monastery.

With London being such a huge place, bars, clubs and restaurants are usually where couples go so it’s not much fun if you’re on your own.

Change that right now by booking a place on one of our fantastic speed dating evenings.

Meet a number of single professional people in one night.

Our speed dating events have provided singles with the opportunity to meet men or women in some of the most sophisticated venues the city offers.

It is also totally ethical and the completly opposite to something sleazy or ‘adult’ – so don’t be put off by the name!

Speed Dating was invented by a member of the Jewish Church, in Florida, in the late 1990’s.

There are breaks during the evening for you to mingle with your new found friends of both sexes, as yes it’s a great way of making new friends of both sexes too.