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This little island in the Atlantic has some big beach game.

There are 52 single family homes (large photo below), 20 carriage homes above garages, 38 townhomes and condos, 63 apartments for seniors (below left), 74 rental apartments, 33 homes in a co-housing configuration (below right), and 26 live/work lofts.

Upon request, hired actors will “attack” you — but ensure that you come out winning the fight.

We think it's more romantic to be a lover rather than a fighter, but the theme park put out a video of what the experience is like if you want to watch it above.

The park also offers other elaborate scenarios in which guests can “be a hero”: They can defuse a fake bomb, or pretend to donate blood in an emergency situation.

Guests who want to participate need to attend a class to get the low down on where to be when the actors approach, though the park asks that they keep it a surprise from their dates.

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There’s also a great café nearby, called Carn Vean Café.