Start Top 10 most intimidating college football stadiums

Top 10 most intimidating college football stadiums

It's like a gentle Sunday morning stroll down to the newsagents in comparison with trips to our 10 intimidating stadiums from around the world...

Its effect has worked, with Sheriff FC losing just eight home games in total in the 15 years it has spent at the ground.

Liverpool's historic base has this magical aura about it on matchdays.

Obviously this is a somewhat subjective topic — whether you’re one of the many Notre Dame fans in the country or a diehard fan from Appalachian State (joining the Division I ranks this season), you’re probably going to think that your team’s stadium is the best. It is possible, though, to bring a measure of objectivity to this: to identify certain contributing factors that do make one stadium better than another. The bigger a stadium is, the louder and more raucous the crowd will be.

While a smaller stadium can have a similar effect because it’s more compact, when a team squeezes more than 100,000 fans into a single space, the difficulty for the opposing teams is ratcheted.

This, combined with Boca's frenzied support, make it a venue to fear for the club's rivals and has lead to Boca's fans being nicknamed La Doce, "the 12th man".

The pure horror of the Ali Sami Yen Stadium came to the forefront of the British media in the 1990's, as Galatasaray unearthed a decent team and started to do well in Europe.

82,600 (2001-2007)80,650 (1999-2000)58,292 (1998)70,210 (1992-1997)72,387 (1982-1991)70,016 (1980-1981)54,000 (1977-1979)48,000 (1973-1976)52,000 (1967-1972)41,500 (1953-1966)40,000 (1949-1952)32,890 (1927-1948) Kyle Field is the football stadium located on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.