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Surveillance of electronic communications in the United Kingdom is controlled by laws made in the UK Parliament.

The first submission of your thesis must be fully prepared and carefully checked. They will deal with errors of fact and typographical errors that affect the meaning, as well as larger, structural issues.

The extent to which the text has or has not been properly prepared may influence their recommendation concerning the award of the degree.

According to the terms of his will, construction only began in 1737, although the intervening period saw the complex purchase of the site.

Until 1810, the Library housed books covering a wide range of subjects, but under Dr George Williams it narrowed its focus to the sciences.

The following is a list of dates of congregations of the Regent House at which degrees may be conferred.

Graduands should be aware that not all Colleges present candidates at every date given.

You must submit two bound copies of the dissertation for examination.