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Nathan Miller and his wife Polly are from southern Tennessee.

They were working on a Rapid Response Team with Christian Aid Ministries (CAM) based in Berlin, Ohio, when they received a call from CAM that workers were needed in Ukraine.

“We never thought we would have a ministry to refugees in Ukraine.” His name is Yaroslav Machynsky, a 46-year old Ukrainian man born into a family of ministers.

He is now the third generation in the Baptist church, one of the oldest and most widespread Protestant Christian denominations in the country and the descendants of the country’s early Anabaptists of the 16th century.

A Ukrainian model who lives her life as a "human Barbie" hopes to become a "Breatharian" who survives off nothing but light and air.

Valeria Lukyanova reportedly stopped eating and drinking water and claims to solely subsisting off "cosmic micro-food." But she is now facing further criticism for her conversion to "Breatharianism" — labelled a potentially lethal pseudoscience from which several partakers have reportedly starved to death.

This sort of investigation deals with an underground, shadowy business.