Start Updating bios frozen

Updating bios frozen

I don't prefer to install bios updates from Windows but in the end I don't care how it gets updated as long as it does.

Reboot automatically after 10 seconds."It has been stuck on this screen for nearly 20 minutes now.

Even though it seems I can still use my computer without problems for now, I'm too scared to do anything.

Press CTRL ATL DEL and it should open Task Manager, close the update that is running.

If it will still not work your last option would be to do the hard reboot, press and hold the power button until it completely shut down.

Tried putting the bios on a usb drive and loading it up but the monitor never gets a signal I don't know what to do now can someone help or give some advice?

The progress bar is full, but it still says "updating" with the logo spinning. Here's a picture: weary of turning off the PC incase it is still working, but this seems off.

Is anyone else having this issue, is there a way to get around it?