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Updating deers

DEERS (Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System) is an enormous database of people who are eligible to receive military benefits.

If they don’t get registered in DEERS, they won’t be able to enroll in TRICARE or access any of the other benefits to which they’re entitled.

Fortunately, registering family members in the DEERS system is quite simple.

While there are many acronyms to learn in the military, DEERS is one to know by heart.

It is the core of the military benefit system – without it, you wouldn’t be able to shop at the commissary, make an appointment at the clinic, or even possibly access a military installation. That means that you have to update your information in DEERS.

The servicemember (called the “Sponsor”) is the only person who can add (or remove) family members to DEERS. Before you pile into the car and drive down to the ID-issuing facility, make sure you have all the documentation you’ll need.

(Actually, someone with power of attorney authorized by the sponsor can also add family members, but this is rare.)Servicemembers can enroll their dependents in DEERS at any that is authorized to issue military and uniformed-services ID cards. These include marriage certificates, Social Security cards, photo IDs, birth certificates (for biological children under 21), adoption papers, and divorce decrees.

But others include access to commissaries and exchanges, ID cards, life insurance, and education benefits.

Because servicemembers (including active duty and eligible Reserve and Guard personnel) are automatically enrolled in DEERS, many military families (including the servicemembers) assume that the servicemember's dependents are automatically enrolled as well. Getting spouses, children, and other qualified dependents require a separate step.

Guidelines and instructions for meeting eligibility requirements for DEERS enrollment or a Dependency Determination can be found in Marine Corps Order 5512.11D, Marine Corps Order P1751.3F, Joint Travel Regulations VOL 1, CH 10.

For additional information, contact your installation’s DEERS office.

CPC1 serves as the NOAA Corps single point of contact for DEERS/RAPIDS activities.