Start Updating my tomtom

Updating my tomtom

I hope this works, I would NEVER buy this again, biggest nightmare you can imagine.

I don't mind paying for them if it doesn't cost not too much and they don't get outdated too quickly.

Once you’ve had a factory-fitted satellite navigation system most people wouldn’t dream of living without one.

However, over time, new roads and housing estates are built, road layouts change and businesses move, which means your Sat Nav may become less reliable.

In short, it‘s the best way to make sure you arrive at your destination with no sweat.

Please note that Tom Tom branded accessories do not come with a Ford warranty, but are covered by Tom Tom’s own warranty, the details of which can be obtained from your Ford Dealer.  Prices apply to current Ford models excluding Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo." class="gux-tooltip" tabindex="0" No Dealers found. Unable to find any locations Search field is empty There has been a critical error with the request You are not connected to the Internet or you are offline. User denied the request for Geolocation Location information is unavailable The request to get user location timed out An unknown error occurred Imagery and information shown throughout this website may not reflect latest UK specifications, colours may vary, options and/or accessories may be featured at additional cost and locations and vehicles used may be outside of the UK.

I was thinking about trying to update these because I have noticed a few inaccuracies here and there, so I wonder whether this is due to the maps being a bit outdated.

The sat nav is still in good working order so I don't really see the need to get a new one at the moment...though it is bulkier than some of the new ones on the market these days, but that's technology for you lol.

Upgrade to Unlimited Navigation to drive without miles restriction.