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Who is annie lennox dating

People always still think of us as a couple and yet we barely ever talk now,” muses Stewart, chatting at Hollywood's iconic rock'n'roll hotel The Sunset Marquis, where today he launches the Dave Stewart: Jumpin' Jack Flash & The Suicide Blonde photographic exhibition with accompanying coffee-table book.

With an obvious early talent for music, Lennox's parents sent her to the Royal Academy of Music in London to study the flute.

While living in London, Lennox met guitarist Dave Stewart and joined a band called The Tourists.

If the highly photogenic Lennox, now 58, was his earliest muse, then her omission from this intimate collection begs answers for which, it seems, Stewart is ill-prepared: “Well, to stick one Annie picture in a exhibition of portraits of other people would be out of context because Annie in my life is 35 years long and we lived together as a couple and then we became a huge successful duo so that's more like a whole exhibition,” he says, scratching his beard.“It seems odd to stick one Annie picture amongst Björk and Mick [Jagger], it's kind of more important than that.”Forever joined at the hip through their poignant and enduring songs then, in reality the former couple are perhaps less sentimental than their fans, Stewart not even receiving an invitation to Lennox's wedding last September to South African gynaecologist Dr Mitch Besser, where the list of guests included Colin Firth and Ruby Wax. ' I certainly would have gone if she'd asked me,” says Stewart, who set up home in Los Angeles eight years ago with third wife, Dutch photographer Anoushka Fisz.

Oblivious to even the location of his ex-partner's London nuptials, he says, looking visibly upset: “I don't even know where the wedding was. One of the most successful pop-rock duos of all time, Eurythmics split in 1990, and while virtually every Brit pop band of the 1980s has seen a resurrection in recent years, raking in dwindling royalty revenue by forcing themselves on the road, Stewart remains resolute that such a fate will never befall this duo.“I doubt we'll ever go out on the road again,” he says. She just got married, as you know, with a doctor from South Africa and she's working on all of her stuff there.“The thing is, our songs are never off the radio – you drive along and hear 'Here Comes the Rain', 'Sweet Dreams', 'Would I Lie to You'…

Let us honor & celebrate this beautiful soul & keep following the light.

Ian had been missing since Saturday morning after he and Tali’s kayak had reportedly capsized near the Staatsburgh Stat Historic Site.

Let us honor & celebrate this exceptionally beautiful soul & keep following the light.

A post shared by @talilennox on Tali Lennox-Fruchtmann has shared an Instagram tribute to her late boyfriend Ian Jones who died in a kayaking accident.

You see us walking somewhere, driving somewhere, in the studio, in the club, and you think you know.

(born 25 December 1954) is a Scottish singer, songwriter, political activist and philanthropist.

The search for Jones has been called off in the meantime.