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Who is shirley maclaine dating

They had latched on to her in a big way, moving into our Malibu beach house as more or less permanent guests and forever spouting the gospel of the Kama Sutra with an eagerness which gave me the creeps.

Appearing on Winfrey's talkshow to promote her 12th book "I'm Over All That And Other Confessions," she admitted being unfaithful while married to businessman Steve Parker and said she had had "an awful lot of lovers".

Mac Laine told Winfrey that she often fell for the leading men she worked with, although she wasn't attracted Jack Lemmon, her co-star in The Apartment, because he was too nice, or Jack Nicholson, whom she starred with in Terms of Endearment, because he was too dangerous.

Most parents faced with the prospect of their virginal 17-year-old daughter disappearing into a bedroom with a handsome young man would be checking up on them to make sure they were behaving themselves.

She was a member of the show's chorus as well as an understudy for one of its lead characters.

While Mac Laine was still a child, Ira Beaty moved his family from Richmond to Norfolk, and then to Arlington and Waverly, eventually taking a position at Arlington's Thomas Jefferson Junior High School.

Mac Laine played baseball in an all-boys team, holding the record for most home runs, which earned her the nickname "Powerhouse".

Three powerful personalities were bearing down on me, forcing me to wilt under their collective will and I couldn’t fight them off.