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Wine lovers dating

We enjoy vino however we can get it, whether it’s canned wine (which is actually a thing) or baked into a batch of red wine brownies.

The tastings are based on their current by the glass selection and split between a sparkling/white/orange and red wine A snip at £15 for an hour, 3pm - 4pm. Top up a pre-pay card and then go to town on the wines hanging on the walls. Bedales, Borough Prop up the bar at this wine emporium and drink out of bowl-sized glasses.

It's uncringe, relaxed and there's no one to lecture you on the nose. Or if you want some structure to your boozing, book in a wine tasting for 2. New Street Wine Shop, Liverpool Street No awkward lectures - just a small, good looking shop with a semi-private area for tastings at £25 for a flight of 3.

Very infrequently a vintage comes along that makes life simple because it’s good almost everywhere. The best thing about 2015s is not only do they have bags of ripe fruit but they are also very fresh. The Rieslings at a recent tasting put on by Justerini & Brooks knocked my socks off.