Start Wow mobile armory not updating

Wow mobile armory not updating

Be sure to accept the i OS prompts asking if you want push notifications, since that's the entire point of this.

As you can see, it now puts your character up against a background of her or his class order hall.

It will pull live xml data from blizzard's armory, and thus it needs to be connected to the interwebz.

It requires a working internet connection, and will try to connect without asking!

Account Security Update Follow-up: NA players visit update your Mobile Authenticator & security question.

Players and Friends, Even when you are in the business of fun, not every week ends up being fun.

I know there are several wm wow apps already, but I still wanted to make my own, because I think I can make a better one with lesser system requirements.

Not finished yet, but released to receive some feedback, here it is: The application can show the basic stats and a picture of your wow character on your wm screen.

If you want to test to make sure everything is working, hit your take screenshot hot key.