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Zoe bell dating

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They also have matching tattoos and look gorgeous AF whenever they attend red carpet events together. A quick peek at their respective Instagram accounts proves that they are 4.

Paige Chandler — Paige and David Castrohave been dating for a whopping five years, and they’re still going strong!

Is it odd not being able to go on a date without the world knowing?

features a talented group of leading males actors — who also happen to be quite easy on the eyes.

Since, Bell has kept one foot in the stunt world, the other as an actor, popping up in “Whip It,” “Oblivion” and the new “Raze,” which she co-produced and stars in, playing a woman kidnapped into an underground all-girl fighter circuit.

You’ve said you no longer consider yourself a stuntwoman who does acting but an actor who does stunts.

She was born in Canary Islands on October 13, 1994.